Mama Sing My Song Custom Songs for Kids

Mama Sing My Song is a woman-founded and led company that specializes in creating custom songs and lullabies for children. The company was started by Amanda Seibert, an Indianapolis mom who discovered that making up songs helped soothe her fussy baby.

Seibert’s daughter Jane loved hearing her special song, and she would say “Mama, sing my song!” as she got older. Seibert began making up custom songs for other children she knew, until eventually someone she didn’t know contacted her asking if she could write a song for their child too. That sparked the idea for Mama Sing My Song.

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Four years after its founding, Mama Sing My Song now has a team of professional songwriters and musicians who have created thousands of personalized songs for children all over the world. The company aims to help children feel seen, valued and loved through custom songs made just for them.

The most popular Mama Sing My Song products are the custom songs written with lyrics tailored specifically to each child. Customers can choose either a Keepsake Song, which is a studio-recorded song set to music, or an Acapella Song, sung without background music.

After ordering a custom song, customers fill out a questionnaire to provide details about their child that will be incorporated into the lyrics – nicknames, favorite activities, family members’ names, and hopes and dreams they have for the child. The songwriters use these personal details to create a one-of-a-kind treasure for each child.

Customers can select the musical style for their child’s custom song from a library of tunes offered by Mama Sing My Song. Choices include soothing lullabies or upbeat dance songs.

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Mama Sing My Song also offers Singing Stuffed Animals that can be personalized with the child’s custom song uploaded inside. The plush stuffed animal toys play the special song out loud with the push of a button. Singing Stuffed Animals come with the song’s lyrics printed on artwork included with the toy.

The typical turnaround time is 1-3 weeks for customers to receive the finished MP3 file of their child’s custom song. For Keepsake Songs, the customer receives an “acapella preview” version before the full recorded version is complete.

The Singing Stuffed Animals are 15″ plush toys that arrive pre-loaded with the child’s custom song file, up to 16MB. Customers can also record their own audio like a personalized message to go with the song. The toys are designed to be ultra-soft, huggable and become keepsakes that play the special song when squeezed.

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The team behind Mama Sing My Song is made up of songwriters, singers, artists and musicians – many of them parents themselves. They are based in the United States and take pride in hand-crafting each custom song.

Mama Sing My Song also has a charitable program where they partner to donate free custom songs and stuffed animals to children in foster care. So far, they have gifted over 800 kids with these songs of love and comfort. The company donates 10% of profits to this cause.

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Seibert wants Mama Sing My Song to help all children feel how treasured they are through the power of personalized songs. Her small act of motherly love has now reached children across the globe.

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