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AU Baby is a modern baby product company founded by Alexandra Ulmer that provides natural, sustainable solutions for babies’ needs. The company’s name, pronounced “oh baby”, represents its purpose to create the best products for babies and the planet.

AU Baby is on a mission to promote healthier and eco-friendly approaches to making baby products, with a focus on sustainability and babies’ wellbeing. The company uses renewable, long-lasting materials instead of disposable plastic-based textiles.

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The average baby blanket is made of pesticide-grown cotton or polyester fleece, which contains plastics. AU Baby saw a need to reinvent baby blankets using safe, natural materials. The company ethically sources merino wool from free-roaming sheep in Argentina. The wool is certified organic and humanely raised. AU Baby partners with NATIVA, an organization that ensures animal welfare, regenerative agriculture, and social responsibility.

AU Baby’s blankets are dyed using a botanical process that utilizes sustainably sourced plants, barks, flowers and insects to create vibrant, colorfast dyes. No chemicals or metal fixatives are used. The dyeing process is Woolmark certified and free of toxins. The blankets are also certified free of harmful chemicals like phthalates, lead, and flame retardants.

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As a natural fiber, merino wool biodegrades readily and has a lower environmental impact than cotton. Sheep are part of the natural carbon cycle, so wool is earth-supporting. Wool also naturally resists microbes, odors, and stains, so AU Baby’s blankets only need washing once or twice a year.

AU Baby aims to provide the cleanest, safest baby blankets on the market. The blankets help babies sleep, prevent stains, and soothe sensitive skin. They outperform average baby blankets that contain plastic fibers. AU Baby also offers completely sustainable manufacturing and materials for minimal environmental impact.

AU Baby’s founder, Alexandra Ulmer, has lifelong passions for health, wellness, and design. She moved from Oklahoma City to London at 18 to study knitwear design. She later gained experience designing apparel and footwear for major brands in New York, Portland, and Los Angeles.

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In 2019, Ulmer launched AU Baby to combine her interests in knitwear and wellness. After years of designing for others, she wanted to create her own baby products with health benefits. Her background in fashion design enabled her to reinvent the baby blanket with innovative materials and sustainability.

AU Baby’s signature products include:

  • Cashmere Cloud Collection: A premium blend of organic cashmere and merino wool that provides softness and breathability. The cashmere offers exceptional softness while the merino regulates temperature. Gentle on sensitive skin.
  • The Popcorn: A heavy weight blanket with a deeply textured popcorn stitch for ultimate coziness. Made from soft, plant-dyed merino. It’s AU Baby’s best selling blanket.
  • The Sawa: A medium weight blanket with a refined honeycomb pattern, providing both style and comfort. Made from plant-dyed merino. Can be personalized with chain stitch embroidery.

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Through its natural, non-toxic products, AU Baby aims to provide the healthiest blankets on the market while promoting sustainability. The company is based in Los Angeles and produces all blankets in the USA. Founder Alexandra Ulmer is passionate about networking and growing AU Baby’s reach as a self-funded brand. Her goal is to reform the textile industry to better serve both babies and the environment.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/02/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 13




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