Do Amore Jewelry

Do Amore is a line of ethically crafted rings that not only bring joy to a new couple but also help alleviate the world’s water crisis. Every sale helps build a water project for a community in a developing country.

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Each ring is directly responsible for giving one person from that community access to clean water. Do Amore engagement rings are carefully handcrafted in the United States, in the most sustainable manner possible.

Krish Himmatramka, Founder

“While working on an oil drilling rig, I learned how easy it is to drill for water compared to oil. I saw that we would hit water within a few hours of drilling, but it took weeks to get to oil. So after a few months, I decided I couldn’t drill any more oil wells knowing that there were people in the world dying from lack of clean water. And I knew it was a problem I could potentially help solve.”

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“During this time, I was also shopping for an ethical engagement ring for my girlfriend. However, the concept of buying a ring with symbolic meaning, but questionable ethics, troubled me. So I decided that when I proposed, I would give my girlfriend an ethical ring that served a purpose: drilling a water well for a village. To me, there’s nothing more meaningful in this world than helping people in need. So with our proposal, Do Amore was born.”

Shark Tank Air Date: 03/18/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 16




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