FashionTap – Social Network That Pays Users for Content

FashionTap is a thriving online social network dedicated to fashion. Members join for free and earn money from creating and sharing content about they brands and products they love.

As a member, you simply create a post, tag it with the brand and product info, and share it on the FashionTap network and other social media. Let’s say you share a photo of your favorite handbag. When other people see your photo they can click on your handbag and find out where they can buy one. If they make a purchase you get a commission on the sale. FashionTap doesn’t take a cut of your profits. Imagine if every product you’ve ever posted on Facebook or Instagram could earn you money when someone else bought one.

FashionTap connects influencers, fans and fashion bloggers with brands, designers and industry leaders. It’s easy and fun to use and anyone can join. The platform brings together all the best photographers, stylists, designers, makeup artists and other fashion professionals and enthusiasts.

FashionTap was created by Amy Roiland, a fashion blogger and former model, designer, and PR-rep. Check out her blog

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