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According to Father Figure founder Andrew Bentley’s research, 84% of millennial fathers wish parenting companies better understood their needs. The modern dad is anything but a hands-off, “bring home the bacon” kind of man. He’s a diaper-changing, room-decorating, co-parenting dude who wants to feel included in the parenting process. Andrew Bentley left a successful career in private and non-profit work to be a full-time dad, and he wanted other dads to feel as excited and prepared as he was for the tough (but awesome) work ahead.

Father Figure is a clothing line created with the new dad in mind. There are plenty of brands big and small who take on the task of preparing women for their first child, but Bentley found that men didn’t have the same options. With its contemporary product line, Father Figure is the new go-to for dads who want clothing that’s attractive, functional, and perfect for their busy lifestyles. The current line consists of three essentials: the Booker Denim Shirt, the Luca T-Shirt, and the best-selling Bandana Burp Rag Set. Each is crafted with dad-and-baby bonding time in mind.

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With the Booker Denim Shirt, dads get a traditional dark denim long sleeve button-down with a few extra perks — like moleskin cutouts on the shoulder and inner arms that ensure that wherever baby touches when being held and burped, she feels soft and comforted. There’s even a loop that’s perfect for holding the Bandana Burp Rag, keeping it close at hand in case of emergencies. The Luca T-Shirt is crafted in soft jersey, with a baby-soft cotton shoulder for burping. The Bandana Burp Rag looks rad — and is made of 100% organic muslin cotton for a truly baby-soft feel.

As a public-benefit corporation, Father Figure ensures that its mission, to strengthen bonds with father and child by including men in the excitement of parenthood, stays always at the forefront. The brand’s 2016 Kickstarter raised over $30,000 toward the launch of the project that has since seen recognition in national publications including Cosmopolitan, Romper, and the Motherhood Inc.

Backed by extensive research that suggests millennial dads are more interested in paternity-related gear and fashion than perhaps ever before, Andrew Bentley’s timing is perfect. The brand has recently partnered with Fathers Incorporated, a nonprofit organization focusing on responsible fatherhood. Their mission to end fatherhood absence seems to be a great fit for Father Figure’s dedication to father participation and inclusion.

Including men in the parenting industry is Father Figure’s main objective, while Andrew Bentley’s is to be a great caretaker for his son. His company has already seen great strides and will continue to create innovative products for modern dads.

*The Father Figure website is no longer available. Some inventory remains on Amazon.

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