Hand Out Gloves – Free Your Fingers

Jake Sullivan, creator of Hand Out Gloves, grew up snowboarding in Utah and has spent a lot of time on the slopes, chair lifts, and trekking through the back country. His gloves were always getting in the way when doing simple tasks like grabbing his phone or adjusting his gear. He would struggle to get them off, find a place to set them down or hold them between his knees, then struggle to get them on again. He often ended up with snow inside his gloves during the process. Jake came up with a solution that is so simple and effective, it’s amazing it took so long for someone to think of it.


Hand Out Gloves are a line of winter gloves and mittens that can be unzipped and opened so you can easily use your fingers without needing to take them off. The zipper has a large tab that’s easy to get hold of with or without bare fingers. This simple addition of a zipper means you can easily answer your phone, snap a picture, or tie your shoes without struggling to peel off a glove and hold it in your teeth. The gloves are ideal for winter sports like snowboarding or skiing where riders need dexterity as well as protection. The gloves are durable, breathable, and waterproof so they can take plenty of abuse.


Gloves and mittens are made in three styles. The Lightweight version is made of neoprene and is suitable for most day to day activities. If you need a step up in protection and durability, the Sport model is a heavy-duty polyester version with a longer cuff and an additional waterproof lining. The Sport gloves and mittens are designed to last forever. The Pro models are the premium versions of the Sport Glove and Sport Mitten but made of leather. They offer the greatest comfort, dexterity and style.


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