HoodiePillow – A Pillow With a Hood

Sometimes you just need to shut out the world and relax. Whether you need to de-stress or you just need to take a quick power nap, getting that rest during the day can be difficult. Even if you manage to fall asleep with the sun streaming through the window, you simply don’t sleep as well as you would in the dark. You need a way to block out the light, muffle sound and keep you nice and cozy.

The HoodiePillow does all of this and more. It combines the comfort of a pillow with all the things you love about a hoodie. With the HoodiePillow, you just snuggle in, pull the hood over your eyes, and relax. The patented design blocks light and sound and keeps you warm while you snooze.

The HoodiePillow is made from premium sweatshirt material and fits over all standard bed pillows. The hood contains two drawstrings to easily adjust the size of the hood. It also has a pocket to hold a remote or phone. The pocket has a porthole that feeds to the bottom of the hood, making it easy to listen to music while you relax. Available in fire red, ocean blue, black, heather gray and lipstick pink to fit your style and personality.

The HoodiePillow is great for more than sleeping too. Snuggle up while browsing the internet, watching TV, reading a book, studying or just chilling with friends. Anywhere and anytime that you want to relax, the HoodiePillow takes it to the next level.

When you’re on the go, the HoodiePillow folds and stores easily in a bag or backpack. For tight spaces like a car or airplane, the Travel HoodiePillow has you covered. It fits like a standard neck pillow, but has the unique hood and drawstrings attached. With the HoodiePillow and its travel companion you can sleep anywhere, anytime.

The creators of Hoodie Pillow went into the Shark Tank asking for $90k for a 15% share of the company.  Robert Herjevic invested in this product for a 20% stake.


Shark Tank Air Date: 2/8/2013 – Season 4 – Episode 15




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