KIN Apparel Satin Lined Hoodies

KIN Apparel is a Black woman-owned brand founded by natural hair influencer Philomina Kane. (KIN = Keep It Naturally.) Philomina’s hoodies, in a glorious array of colors, are lined with the highest quality satin fabric (85gsm 50*75D), which means a higher thread count for the softest, silkiest feel. The satin reduces friction, leaves the hair hydrated and protected from breakage and split ends, and maintains hairstyles from curly pixie to full-out fro.

Philomina Kane, born in the Bronx, spent five years in Ghana learning the culture from her grandmother. When she returned to the US, she brought with her an abiding faith, an appreciation for the fragility of life and need to travel through it with a pure mind and kind heart, and a resolve to use her talents for a common good.

Philomina Kane

Philomina started out studying for a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Global Health and Health Policy, and African Studies at Princeton and doing research on the morphology and host preference of Ghanaian mosquitoes. Really. Then she did an abrupt about-face and became a YouTube celebrity, NaturallyPhilo, being all about empowering women of color to embrace their natural selves, toss away the relaxers, and join the natural hair revolution. She gained a huge following with her ability to engage, educate and entertain. Add to that her expertise in marketing, social media, and digital content creation and you have the marketing director for the wildly successful website NaturAll Club that provides fresh, all natural, refrigerated hair products and a nurturing community for women of color to share hair tips and encouragement.

So, it was not that far of a leap when Philomina founded KIN Apparel.

Benefits of KIN Apparel Satin Lined Hoodies

  • Satin naturally retains moisture instead of absorbing it. Hair is stronger and healthier when it is moisturized and protected.
  • Satin is softer and silkier than the cotton in traditional hoodies. When cotton moves against hair, the friction causes frizz, breakage and hair loss. Due to the silky nature of satin, there is a lot less friction.
  • Satin is less likely to disturb hair, whether it be styled into a full out fro, twists, braids or locs. Your style lasts longer with satin.

KIN Apparel Satin Lined Hoodies and Hats Inventory

Thick Satin Lined Hoodies

Imagine being embraced by fluffy clouds. The thick hoodies have double-layered high-grade satin inside the hood, while the body is made with down-like velvety material to keep you warm and cozy during the cold, wintry months.

Thin Satin Lined Hoodies

On the brisk days of early autumn, breezy nights of summer, and cool days as spring shakes off winter, the thin hoodie has the satin hood to protect your hair and the French terry material to keep you warm, while being light enough when the temperatures rise.

Crop Satin Lined Hoodies

Rock those jeans and sweats with a crop top! No need to sacrifice fashion. Made with 99% cotton while the hood is lined with luxurious satin. A cropped hoodie spices up any outfit.

Motherland Satin Lined Hoodies

These thin hoodies proudly display the African continent in colorful embroidery on the left chest (over your heart.)

Satin Lined Beanies

Winter and autumn brisk days and cold winds need more than a hoodie but quality satin protection can’t be sacrificed. The beanies are designed with a warm acrylic outside and soft satin inside, providing that perfect combination for cold weather protection. There are beanies for all head sizes and hair styles.

Satin Lined Bucket Hats

When it’s too hot for a hoodie, but you still want the protection that satin provides, it’s time for a bucket hat. Designed with a light, cool cotton outside and soft satin inside, the bucket hat is perfect for hot weather. Available in all head sizes that accommodate various hair styles.

Kin Apparel Satin Hoodies Shark Tank 2

Philomina’s desire to support and empower women extends to her volunteer work with SHARE (Sexual Harassment/Assault Advising, Resources and Education). Since her days at Princeton, she has helped affected students make informed decisions and obtain the resources they need though private meetings and campus events.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/8/21 – Season 13 – Episode 1




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