Kookn’ Kap

Juli Deveau and Ozma Khan came up with the idea for Kookn’ Kap after hosting a dinner party featuring a main course of fish. Later that evening the two ladies were told by multiple patrons in a Los Angeles lounge that their hair smelled like fish. Not the first impression Juli and Ozma were hoping to make.

Kookn' Kap Shark Tank Founders

With no solutions for their unique problem available, they created Kookn’ Kap, a plastic cap worn while cooking, to prevent the smell of food from getting into the chef’s hair, and the chef’s hair from getting into the food.

They pitched the concept as a modern version of the traditional chef’s hat, secured a patent and trademark, and even produced an infomercial. Kookn’ Kap failed to impress the Sharks and the ladies left without an investment. The company struggled to find customers and the business closed shortly after the episode aired.

Kookn’ Kap is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/4/2013 – Season 5 – Episode 3




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