Litter Jewelry

Mackenzie Burdick and Rachael Mann are sisters with backgrounds in interior and fashion design. One day, Mackenzie broke up a necklace and retooled it into a headpiece. Everyone loved it. They produced 50 more for a local trunk show, sold out, and Litter was born. “Litter” because they create unique body jewelry from things they find at yard sales, bric-a-brac stores and, yes, the trash. Mackenzie and Rachael sourced the materials, designed and constructed the pieces by hand, and handled social media. They did not have the time nor the resources to scale the business. They wanted a strategic partner to run the business side of things.

Litter Jewelry Shark Tank 2

Daymond offered them $80,000 for 70% equity (the sisters had offered 51%). He also would give them a salary and the opportunity to buy back shares. Then Daymond pulled a “Mark Cuban.” He told them if they discuss a deal with another shark, he would go out, and he put them on the “24-second clock” (a basketball thing). Then he asked Mark if he wanted in on the deal due to his Internet expertise. The sisters happily accepted the offer.

Litter took off even before the episode aired. It was placed in high fashion boutiques worldwide, in fashion shows, and fashion magazines and websites. It also was used to accessorize the models in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue and was popularized by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Serena Williams.

Litter Jewelry is no longer available.

Shark Tank Air Date: 3/9/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 8




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