Loctote Theft Resistant Bags

As with many creative and innovative feats of imagination, Loctote Industrial Bag Company came to fruition after a serious bout with misfortune. During what was supposed to be a relaxing family vacation in St. Croix, co-founder Don Halpern’s personal items were stolen off the beach—while he watched helplessly from the tide. Determined to create a solution that would prevent theft of any kind, Halpern and Adam McBride launched Loctote’s first product, the Flak Sack. This ultra-durable, crazy-safe, lock-and-key backpack is the perfect accessory for those who travel, live in urban environments or spend any time in public places. As an added bonus, the bag looks pretty suave as well.

Loctote Industrial Bag Company’s Flak Sack is the ultimate in personal protection. Crafted in a heavily slash-resistant blend of premium fabrics that were originally developed as high-performance body armor, the bag is protected from quick strikes of the knife. The drawstring closure is backed with a heavy-duty brass lock that’s easy to setup and undo when you need to get into your bag—but it still keeps unwanted guests out of your pockets. The outer material is super-soft, while remaining water-resistant. There’s even an interior pocket with RFID blocking that keeps credit cards and more protected from digital scanners.


Loctote’s Flak Sack has been engineered to do more than just protect your stuff. It’s been designed (Loctote playfully suggests it’s even been “over-designed”) to offer something even better—peace of mind. Halpern and McBride understand that when you’re out and about, having fun and enjoying your company, the last thing you want to think about is your bag. Yet, your bag is always on your mind. When you’re checking email at Starbucks, you’re constantly reaching under your chair to make sure your bag is still there. At the bar, you continuously reach in your back pocket to make sure your phone is still resting inside.

Keeping your personal belongings is a major priority no matter where you are. That’s why Halpern and McBride’s Flak Sack is crafted to look great everywhere you go. The chic gray look is perfect for hauling around the day’s accessories, taking you from the office to the bar … and anywhere else you might go. It’s designed to be easy to carry and conversation-starting, while providing the ultimate safety to all your belongings.

Loctote is already receiving some attention from those interested in these hardcore safety backpacks. In early 2016, the brand’s Kickstarter campaign ended with over $850k in revenues for the launch. Since it’s release, sites like Gear Junkie and Infinite Power Solutions have reviewed the bag with high marks. Thousands follow the brand’s social media accounts. And many more have purchased this ultra-safe bag for personal use.

The Flak Sack from Loctote is the ultimate way to keep belongings safe, while keeping users stylish. What started as an unfortunate crime on an island vacation has led to an innovative product that serves everyone, providing protection from all sorts of theft, wherever life takes you.

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