Matador Meggings

When it comes to men’s athletic wear, one emerging brand has been catching attention with its unconventional approach to leggings—Matador Meggings. Established with the primary aim of re-engineering leggings to suit the male anatomy, Matador Meggings has introduced a range of high-performance meggings with unique, functional features. Designed for optimal comfort and usability, they are inspired by the tight-fitting pants traditionally worn by matadors, the bullfighters of Spain.



Matador Before Shark Tank

Before venturing into the world of athletic wear, Valentine Aseyo was engrossed in technology, working at illustrious companies like Facebook, IBM, and Bandsintown. With an eclectic background that includes roles in product development, advertising, marketing, and sales, he has demonstrated a knack for wearing multiple hats—figuratively and literally.

While training to become a 200-hour certified yoga instructor, Aseyo found himself the odd one out in a room full of women donning yoga pants. The lack of leggings specifically engineered for men motivated him to create Matador Meggings. He’s not merely the CEO but also wears the hats of designer, developer, marketer, and even customer service representative. In his words, he’s a “first-time entrepreneur,” but he brings with him a wealth of diverse experiences that shape the brand’s direction.

The name Matador Meggings draws on imagery from traditional Spanish bullfighting, with matadors often considered hyper-masculine figures. These bullfighters required pants that were snug yet didn’t restrict movement. Capturing the essence of this functionality, Matador Meggings was born.



Matador Products

One of the brand’s defining features is its meticulous attention to detail when it comes to product design. At the core of Matador Meggings is a range of high-performance leggings built for men, distinguished by several unique attributes. A molded crotch cup, made of soft material, offers both concealment and support, specifically tailored to the male anatomy.

Functionality extends beyond comfort, as the leggings come with an assortment of practical elements. An open pocket is designed to hold your phone, a feature often missing in conventional leggings. A zipper pocket offers a secure place for valuables, like keys or a wallet. These leggings also have a built-in drawstring, allowing wearers to adjust the fit according to their comfort level.

One distinctive feature that sets these leggings apart is the t-shirt/towel loop. This loop at the back of the pants provides a convenient storage solution during workouts. The fabric used in crafting these leggings is not just durable but also sweat-wicking. This ensures that the leggings are not only long-lasting but also maintain optimal comfort by keeping the wearer dry during intense physical activities.

Matador Shark Tank Set

The design also pays homage to its bullfighting roots. The leggings sport stripes that spiral around the legs, mimicking the horns of a bull, creating a unique aesthetic touch that ties back to the brand’s inspiration.

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/06/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 2




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