MTailor Custom Clothing from Phone Scan

Lots of men hate shopping for clothes, especially when it comes to getting a shirt that fits. It’s an expensive, time consuming process that is as pleasant as pulling teeth to some guys. That process is about to be revolutionized – now there’s an app that lets you do it all on your phone.

MTailor is a company that has come up with an app to lets men measure themselves and get a custom-made shirt crafted from those measurements. It’s an amazing development, but what’s really amazing is how simple it is. All you do is download the app, then open it and select the fabric, style, and color of the shirt you want.

After that, it’s time to get measured. No, there’s no tiny little tailor who pops out of your phone with a measuring tape and some pins in his mouth. Instead, you just position your phone so that you can take a full body video, then you turn around so the camera can get enough shots for a 3D effect, and finally you send it off to MTailor. The folks at MTailor then use a “digital measuring tape” to find your measurements, and they custom make your shirt.

You receive the package with your shirt in a short time (by the way, shipping is free), and you try it on. If you are not happy with the fit, you simply return the shirt, tell MTailor what is wrong, and they will remake the shirt and send it back. This process means that eventually, if you stick with it, MTailor will have the formula to make you the perfect fitting shirt every time. It’s fast, accurate, and cheaper than getting your shirts custom made by a store or tailor.

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