Noggin Boss Hats

Sports fans wear their team’s jersey or their favorite player’s number. They paint their faces in the team colors, and there are the ubiquitous #1 foam fingers. Now there is a sure way to stand out from the crowd: The Noggin Boss, a hugely over-sized “baseball cap.” Be ready to appear on the Jumbotron or on national television.

The Noggin Boss is not only for sports. Anywhere there is team spirit, a Noggin Boss works: events, conferences, family reunions. Or simply get one for yourself!

It’s as simple as going to the Noggin Boss website and

  • Picking a size by measuring the largest part of your head. Small/Medium for a head measuring 20” to 22” or Large/Extra Large for a head measuring 22” to 24”
  • Selecting a color or colors from the wide variety available
  • Adding a patch, a logo, or text.

Noggin Boss Hats Shark Tank 2

Super fans Gabe Cooper and Sean Starner came up with this fun and eye-catching idea. They are long-time friends. Both were college athletes and went on to coach local kids’ teams. They have both founded their own companies, and both have made giving back to the community a priority.

  • Sean founded Instant Media that finds innovative marketing solutions for domestic and international businesses. In addition to marketing, he is well-versed in successful sales strategies from his time at Peak Impact, a mentoring and consulting company.
  • Gabe founded Virtuous Software, a Customer Relationship Management and Marketing platform for charities to interact more productively with past, present and future members and re-imagine generosity. He is also the founder of Brushfire Interactive, an event management software, and co-founder of Shotzoom, software designed to empower active lifestyles through sports and fitness.

Gabe and Sean launched the Noggin Boss at the Waste Management Phoenix Open on the PGA tour in February 2020. It received a lot of attention and was off to a great start. And then just about everything was canceled. But now sports are coming back and so is Noggin Boss.

  • They partnered with the Arizona Cardinals and have the rights to print the team logo. The Cardinals’ hats were in full view at the 2021 NFL Draft in Cleveland.
  • They are negotiating with the Phoenix Suns. Gabe and his son wore Suns’ hats at the Phoenix Suns Arena and were picked up by the Jumbotron and received really positive feedback from Suns’ staff members. Their goal is to be affiliated with all Arizona teams and then all teams across the country: professional, college, and high school!

A portion of Noggin Boss goes back to the community to support athletes and coaches.

Shark Tank Air Date: 03/11/2022 – Season 13 – Episode 15




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