Phoozy Insulated Device Cases

PHOOZY empowers technology users to pursue their passions and epic outdoor adventures without worry of environmental limitations. PHOOZY premium products provide thermal, drop and float protection for smartphones and coming soon, tablets and laptops. PHOOZY is dedicated to inspiring its customers to live an active lifestyle fueled by their passions and thirst for adventure without limitations.

Adapted from spacesuit technology designed to protect astronauts from the extreme temperatures of space, the Thermal Capsule keeps your Smartphones, iPads and Tablets from getting too hot in the sun while prolonging battery life in extreme heat and cold – from the beach, the pool, the boat, to the mountaintop. It also offers the added peace of mind of integrated drop protection and buoyancy – meaning this capsule floats, keeping the phone at the surface of the water.

Phoozy Insulated Device Cases Shark Tank 2

Kevin Conway understands performance and winning – literally. Having spent the majority of his life as a professional race car driver at the highest levels of motorsports in the world (he was the NASCAR Cup Series Rookie of the Year, FIA Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Champion and current driver in the GT4 America Series). The PHOOZY was born out of his frustration of his iPhone overheating in the sun and his battery draining faster than corn through a goose. And then there was the problem of his iPhone shutting down in the freezing cold – the last thing you want when you are outdoors and need to stay connected.

After realizing there was not a good solution for this problem, he decided to create the PHOOZY. Utilizing a layered matrix of proprietary materials adapted from those used in spacesuits, space shuttles, and race cars, Kevin decided to develop the ultimate protection from extreme heat and cold (thermal protection) while also doing something that even the best cases and sleeves do not – keeping your phone floating at the surface if you ever drop it in water (float protection). Sure, most of the new smartphones are water resistant and there are plenty of waterproof cases out there but they aren’t going to do your phone much good when they are on the bottom of the ocean or a muddy lake bottom. In addition to keeping your phone on the surface of the water, he wanted to make sure the PHOOZY would provide military grade (810G 516.6) drop protection. The last thing you want to do is scratch, scuff or shatter your fancy new iPhone or Galaxy device.

Phoozy Insulated Device Cases Shark Tank 3

After the initial prototypes were developed, Kevin reached out to his longtime friend and digital marketing guru, Josh Inglis. With a crazy idea, a couple of prototypes and knowing that he couldn’t do this alone, he convinced Josh to join the PHOOZY team as a Co-Founder. Now Josh isn’t just Kevin’s buddy that wanted to make something really cool and help solve a real problem, no, Josh is an internet savant, an Ivy League MBA having, scuba diving, snow skiing, ecommerce guru for HomeDepot. His belief in PHOOZY and finally having a real solution to a problem that has plagued his dive trips and ski trips convinced him to leave his post as a senior executive at the great dot com and become the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer for PHOOZY.

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With a strong passion for all things outdoors and action sports, Kevin and Josh have deep roots in both industries. Kevin is an avid surfer, snowboarder, and cyclist. Josh’s passions lie in hiking, scuba diving and skiing.

While the PHOOZY protects your smartphone with real rocket science, it was born from two guys that wanted to create a solution to a real problem – staying connected while living out their passions in the extreme cold of the highest peaks to the scorching sun of the South Pacific ocean.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 4/2/2021 – Season 12 – Episode 19


Phoozy Insulated Device Cases Shark Tank Set


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