R.Riveter – Handbags Made by Military Spouses

In the heat of World War II, Rosie the Riveter became a cultural icon. Her image is both beautiful and fierce with a no-nonsense expression and her sleeve pulled up showing her unshakable power and confidence. To the women working in factories supporting their families while their husbands and boyfriends fought in the war, Rosie came to represent financial freedom and power.

It’s for this reason that Rosie holds a special place in the hearts of Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse, Army spouses and the owners of handbag company R.Riveter. Bradley and Cruse started R. Riveter in the small attic of Cruse’s home, with one mission: to “inspire, employ and empower”. They accomplish this task with every handmade design through their strong sense of community as creators, Americans, and military spouses.

Every R. Riveter bag is handcrafted in America with American parts. Featuring beautiful designs fashioned in up-cycled canvas Army tents and genuine deer hide leather, the bags are as durable as they are stylish. Every bag has a personal touch as well, printed with the ID number of the military spouse who created it.

In 2014, Bradley and Cruse launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a larger space for the women to work in, and raised more than $40,000 to do so. R.Riveter is now able to better serve more customers, while promoting economic freedom for women who are, literally, always on the move.

Today, Bradley, Cruse and their team support a number of military families. No matter where the military takes these craftswomen, their business follows. This offers flexibility and a fulfilling source of income, while also promoting the American formula of hard work + self-sacrifice = success.

More than just another handbag company, R.Riveter provides a savvy outlet for military families. By keeping their products 100% local, they continue to keep Rosie’s legacy alive and thriving.


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