Sarah Oliver Handbags – Knitted Bags Made by Seniors

Sarah Oliver’s entrepreneurial journey began while making handbags for her friends and family. When requests started coming in from retail stores, Sarah knew she’d need to scale up her operation quickly, but was opposed to having her handbags manufactured overseas. Inspired by her fond memories of knitting with her mother and grandmother, she turned to the local retirement community for help. There she found an exceptionally talented workforce that was eager to get involved.

Sarah started by hiring 7 senior knitters between the ages of 78 and 96, and now employs about 25 knitters who call themselves The Purlettes + 1, a devoted community with an average age 88. The + 1 in their name is for the only current male knitter, Hector.

The knitters love being part of the company and take great pride in creating their products. They often knit together and say that Sarah Oliver Handbags has made a huge positive impact on their lives.

Sarah and her team want to scale their business model and create opportunity for seniors across the country. Their mission is to empower one of the fastest growing segments of our population with a new sense of passion and purpose.

The Sarah Oliver line of handbags includes the Resort Clutch bag, the Classic Clutch bag, the Evening Bag, the Large Handbag, The Coco, the Shoulder Bag, the Bridal/Special Occasion bag, and even a line of elegant handmade brooches.

*The company website is no longer available. Sarah Oliver Handbags may be discontinued.

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