Shefit Sports Bra

Shefit bras are the perfect solution to an age-old problem. Women of all shapes and sizes continuously struggle to find the right sports bra. No matter your activity level, the goal is to have supreme support, comfort, and style. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done. The lack of quality bras is what drove Shefit founder and CEO, Sara Marie to create her own game-changing design. Before launching the product, Marie was a veteran health and fitness advocate. She knew a thing or two about issues facing physically active women.

Shefit is considered The Ultimate Sports Bra for a reason. Its flexible design makes it highly adaptable. The custom rib fit has over 8 inches of adjustability in the bust band. This helps reduce instability and unnecessary bounce. The Shefit bra provides control without compression allowing you to maintain a flattering shape. It’s also made with a special wick fabric that pulls moisture away from the body. That means less sweat, and less mess!

Shefit bras come in a variety of sizes to fit a variety of women. It doesn’t matter how big or small, each bra provides the same support. It has a personalized bust band and versatile straps you can adjust accordingly. Experience security and comfort in three easy steps: Zip the bust panel, cinch the back band, and lift the straps. This will tighten the bra ensuring everything stays in place. With just one bra, you can choose between the traditional “H-Back” or the “X-Back” strap configuration; either way, the two-way wear provides the same unwavering support.

Shefit is endorsed by Dr. Brad Bengtson, MD, FACS. According to his findings, Shefit has 35 percent more lift than traditional sports bras. The shoulder straps provide much-needed support and relief (No digging!).

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