SockTABs – Keeps Socks Together in Laundry

SockTABs are a very simple solution to a very common problem – missing and mismatched socks. The mystery of the missing sock is one we are all familiar with. All the dirty socks go into the washing machine at the same time, then into the dryer as a group. Somehow when it comes time to put them back in the drawer there is one missing. Where could it have gone? There is only one answer that makes sense – it was abducted by the Sock Monster – a lonely creature that hoards lone socks in the 4th dimension. As many of you know, the Sock Monster can pop into your dryer to harvest your socks and disappear before it can be spotted.

A SockTAB is a small plastic button with two slender pegs that attaches to the weave of your sock. They’re small and light enough that you won’t notice you’re wearing them. When you take your socks off you simply connect the pair with the SockTAb and they will stay together even during the washing and drying cycles. One SockTAB connects two socks.

With SockTABs you’ll never lose another sock, and never end up wearing one black dress sock with one white athletic sock.  SockTABs come in a variety of colors and won’t damage your socks or stretch the weave.

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