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Supermix Studio is carving out a unique space in the world of fashion by focusing on customized, eco-friendly children’s clothing. Nestled in the scenic Catskills of New York, the studio combines sustainability with creative self-expression, allowing kids and their families to design their own apparel. In doing so, the company is changing the way people think about mass-produced clothing, all the while upholding ethical and eco-friendly standards.

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The creative force behind Supermix Studio is Jennifer Stein-Bischoff, a seasoned veteran in the fashion industry with more than two decades of experience. Long before establishing Supermix Studio, Jennifer’s love for fashion started in her early childhood, a time when she would often embellish her clothes to make them uniquely her own. This hobby became a passion and eventually led her to launch her first fashion collection influenced by the music and nightlife of South Beach, Miami.

Jennifer’s journey in fashion took her from Miami to New York, where she held key roles in design and merchandising. Over the years, she has been a part of prestigious brands such as Aeropostale, FILA, and Sean John. She’s also been responsible for driving significant sales volume and has received accolades for her work, including an award from Macy’s for “Best Comeback Brand.”

Not content with simply following industry trends, Jennifer founded Supermix Studio to introduce a new kind of interactive shopping experience that would allow the next generation to tap into their creativity. Influenced by her love of creating designs with her own children, she envisioned a platform where kids could be the designers of their own unique, boutique-quality clothing.

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Supermix Studio Products

Supermix Studio has created an intuitive platform that offers a gamut of clothing items, ranging from denim jackets and sweats in various colors, to recycled backpacks and custom hats. To set the company apart, it’s not just about choosing a style and size. Customers—kids, teens, and even their moms—get the opportunity to use the Supermix Studio Customizer, an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that simplifies the design process.

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Customers can pick from over 500 premium patches designed in-house to adorn their chosen apparel. These patches aren’t merely decorative; they are designed to carry empowering messages related to civic engagement, equality, and pride among other things. To make the process even more customer-friendly, each patch comes with an assigned value in ‘Patch Points’, an alternative to traditional currency used exclusively on the Supermix platform. Customers receive a starter set of Patch Points and can earn more through various actions like sharing and reviewing, making it a fully interactive experience.

But what truly makes Supermix Studio stand out in a crowded market is its commitment to sustainability. The company uses BCI cotton in its clothing, a leading standard for sustainable cotton farming. Their backpacks are manufactured from 100% recycled polyester, and even the packaging is eco-friendly, made from recovered trash and printed using algae ink.

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The customization process doesn’t end at the point of purchase. All the orders are assembled by hand by customization specialists at the company’s studio in Catskills, New York. Given the labor-intensive nature of customization, orders may take up to two weeks to be delivered, although customers are advised to place their orders well in advance during the holiday season, as it may take even longer.

Supermix Studio’s success suggests that personalized, eco-friendly clothing isn’t merely a fad but a significant shift in how younger generations prefer to shop. The company encourages self-expression and creative freedom while maintaining a strong commitment to eco-consciousness, showing that it’s possible to have both style and substance in the world of fashion.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/03/2023 – Season 15 – Episode 6




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