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The Great Fantastic, LLC, was founded by a senior buyer for BirchboxMan, a subscription service for men’s grooming products; a fitness instructor; an MBA candidate at New York University; a member of the Israeli National Lacrosse Team; a lead singer for the band, Brunei and the Assortments; and a professional photographer/videographer.

The Great Fantastic, LLC, was founded by Kyle Bergman. Yes, he is all of the above, as well as the creator of Swoveralls. The mission of The Great Fantastic is to create the world’s most comfortable clothing using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing practices. He wanted a name that would not limit him to the one product, but would work for all his future ideas and products, and immediately thought of his mother’s term for her fabulous, risk-taking adventures.

Swoveralls Sweat Pants Overalls Shark Tank 2

Swoveralls are the company’s premier product that combine sweatpants and overalls into one comfy, functional and exceedingly cool item to wear for, say, a lazy Sunday brunch, a day in the park with the kids, an all-day trip browsing off-the-beaten-track antique shops. Dress them up or dress them down with the right shirt and accessories, and they can go a whole slew of places. Put in an order for 10 Swoveralls, and you can jazz them up with your own logo printed on the front bib.

Kyle heard about a novelty item of clothing for females that combined sweats and overalls. He loved the idea and wanted a pair, but couldn’t find any such thing. So he made a pair for himself, and they generated more attention that he had expected. He did a Google keyword search and found that about 1,000 searches a month were being conducted, to no avail, for combination sweatpants/overalls! To add fuel to his fire, celebrities often on “Best Dressed” lists were being photographed wearing overalls, e.g., Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Stone, Heidi Klum, Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez. And to top it all off, Christian Dior’s fall 2017 collection included overalls.

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So Kyle founded his New York-based startup and produced the original Swoveralls in 2017. It was a very successful endeavor, but he listened to his customers’ feedback and now we have Swoveralls 2.0. The basic Swoveralls remained the same: lightweight organic terry cotton sourced in the U.S., with side snaps, jogger-pant elastic cuff, overall-like adjustable straps, and front and rear pockets. The new improved version has higher quality buckles and buttons, a giant pocket on the bib, a wild assortment of colors and patterns and (the “ta-dum”) they are manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, rather than China where the first generation was made.

Kyle gives back by donating a percentage of the net profits to Urban Pathways and the Israel Lacrosse Association. Urban Pathways provides a network of services for homeless New Yorkers to help them move into housing and minimize the likelihood that they will return to the street. The Israel Lacrosse Association is a non-profit dedicated to pursuing the goal of making lacrosse the national sport of Israel and using lacrosse to bridge the divide among communities in the region.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 4/21/19 – Season 10 – Episode 20




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