The Swilt

Ivori Tennelle created the Swilt, an all-in-one sweatshirt and blanket. One mode is “On-the-Go” when the blanket part is rolled up, clipped and hidden inside the sweatshirt, so that you can walk around. The second mode is “Head-to-Toe” when you unlatch the clips and unroll the bottom half so that you are toasty warm while sitting outside. The bottom of the blanket part is covered with waterproof nylon so that it stays dry and clean if it drags along the ground.

The Swilt Founder On Shark Tank

Ivori was inspired by the Snuggi, a blanket with sleeves, both for its design and its phenomenal success. But the Swilt had the advantage of allowing the wearer to be “on-the-go” in a hooded sweatshirt. Lori told her, while the Snuggi made billions of dollars, it’s done, the market became saturated, and Lori didn’t see the Swilt breathing new life into the market.

Ivori had only sold 100 Swilts at local flea markets, but she was absolutely positive that if people knew about the Swilt, it would fly off the shelves. She wanted an investment so that she could upgrade her website and be able to increase production for all the orders that would come in after her appearance on Shark Tank.

The Swilt Shark Tank 3

The sharks enjoyed her, her enthusiasm and her presentation, but the sales were too low. Also, she had no patent, no retail market, and only a sketchy marketing plan. Ivori left the Tank without a deal. Not long after, all traces of the Swilt were gone.

The Swilt is no longer available.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/10/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 4




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