Tucky Belt

Tucky is an undergarment accessory that has redefined the way people style their tops. The Tucky Belt helps you transform your shirts, hoodies, or sweaters into trendy crop tops or achieve the perfect tucked-in look without the unnecessary bulk.

The idea for Tucky emerged during the pandemic in 2020, when many people found themselves in comfortable loungewear but craving a more polished appearance. Brooke Knaus, the founder of Tucky, was one of them. Wanting to regain some sense of her pre-pandemic self, she began experimenting with different ways to style her clothing. Knaus had already been using the bra-tuck hack to adjust her sweatshirts and create a more flattering silhouette, but she realized there was room for improvement.

Tucky Belt Shark Tank 2

In 2021, Knaus decided to replace the bra-hack with an elastic belt, which offered greater versatility and allowed her to crop her tops at different lengths. However, she found the belt to be too stretchy, causing her tops to slip out easily. After realizing there was no existing product on the market to fulfill her needs, Knaus set out on a mission to create the perfect undergarment accessory.

After extensive research, Knaus found an elastic company willing to turn her idea into reality. The result was the Tucky Belt – a comfortable, adjustable, and grippy undergarment accessory designed to hold various types of tops in place.

The Tucky Belt is crafted from high-quality jacquard elastic, ensuring both durability and comfort. The belt is lined with two silicone strips, providing extra grip to hold tops securely in place. It is fully adjustable to accommodate a range of clothing sizes, from 00 to 14.

Available in two sizes, XS/S and M/L, the Tucky Belt caters to individuals of different body types. The XS/S size is suitable for sizes 00 to 8, while the M/L size is ideal for sizes 9 to 2XL.

Maintaining the Tucky Belt is simple, as it can be washed on a regular cycle with similar colored clothing in cold water. Once clean, lay the belt flat to dry. Avoid using a dryer, as heat can damage the silicone strips.

The Tucky Belt offers endless styling possibilities, allowing users to reinvent their wardrobe with ease. From turning shirts into chic crop tops to achieving the perfect tucked-in look with sweaters, the Tucky Belt has revolutionized the way people style their clothing.


Shark Tank Air Date: 05/19/2023 – Season 14 – Episode 22




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