Tutublue – Swimsuits & Beachwear with UV Protection

For those who love the outdoors but worry about the damaging effects of the sun, Los Angeles-based Tutublue has the ideal solution. This unique activewear line offers gorgeous one-piece suits crafted in breathable UPF-50 materials. Perfect for surfers, runners, or just about anyone whose heart sails in the sun, these suits offer powerful sun protection and don’t skimp on style.

Tutublue was launched by the Dark Queen of soap opera villains herself, Miss Sarah Buxton. After a recent skin cancer-related health care, Buxton realized that those years basking in the sun had inevitably done a number to her skin. She knew that relying only on the protection of greasy sunblocks just wouldn’t cut it. So she designed a series of playful “long beach suits”, complete with a number of bold and beautiful prints.

Tutublue’s beach suits are designed for every outdoor activity, from swimming and sailing to cycling and skating. The suits come in a variety of fashionable prints including a dark galaxy-inspired print and flashy peacock. Their unique cross-stitch design gives the illusion of built-in contours, making it great on any body type.

While other one-piece activewear suits tend to fit like a bad spandex Halloween costume, Tutublue offers a flexible and soft design that’s lightweight enough to be worn comfortably throughout the day. The line also features fun leggings and short suits for both women and girls. They make a great alternative to traditional suits for parents who worry about too much exposure to the sun, while giving girls confidence and a look that fits their personality.

No matter your style or your preference, Tutublue has the perfect suit for you. Stay dry, comfortable and protected with this line of fashion-forward long beach suits designed with you in mind. Crafted in fabric that blocks 49/50ths of the sun’s UV rays, it’s perfect for long days hiking on the shore or short swims at the pool.

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