You Go Natural Hair Accessories for Textured Hair

You Go Natural (YGN) is a brand that has transformed the world of hair accessories for individuals with textured hair. Founded by Monique Little in 2016, YGN has come a long way from its humble beginnings in a living room to an 8,000 square foot production facility in East Dallas. The company is dedicated to creating functional and beautiful hair accessories that cater to the needs of those with textured hair, making styling and protection effortless and elegant.

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YGN Products

YGN’s product line is designed to provide convenience and style to those who may not have the time or resources to dedicate to hair care every day. The brand offers a variety of headwear lined with satin, including headbands, headwraps, turbans, and durags for both men and women. The swim turban collection is another innovative addition, offering hair protection while swimming.

Satin Lining

The choice of satin lining in YGN’s hair accessories is a game-changer for textured hair. Natural fibers in silk may bond with shed skin cells and residue from hair, making it less breathable and more challenging to maintain. Synthetic satin, on the other hand, offers the breathability and washability needed to keep hair accessories clean and fresh.

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Quality and Care

YGN takes pride in the premium quality materials used in the creation of their hair accessories. To ensure the durability and longevity of their products, YGN recommends machine washing them inside out with cold water and similar colors on a gentle cycle. For added protection, using a mesh laundry care bag can prevent snagging and damage to the fabric.

When it comes to drying, tumble drying on low is recommended, with the avoidance of bleach and dry cleaning. Once the accessories are dry, a light iron can be used to reshape the fabric, ensuring that the accessory retains its elegance and shape.

The YGN Impact

Since its inception, You Go Natural has resonated with countless individuals who value the functionality and beauty of their hair accessories. The brand’s commitment to making styling and protection effortless and elegant has earned them a loyal following and a thriving business.

You Go Natural has revolutionized the hair accessory industry for those with textured hair, offering innovative, functional, and stylish products designed with the users’ needs in mind. The use of synthetic satin lining and a focus on quality materials has made YGN a trusted brand for those seeking convenience and style in their hair care routine.

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