Brazi Bites – Brazilian Cheese Bread

“Pão de Queijo” is a cheese bread snack that has been a South American favorite for centuries. When Brazi Bites founder Junea Rocha moved to The United States her craving for this irresistible little snack set her on a mission to create her own version based on a family recipe, one that could be made with ingredients locally available. After months of culinary experimentation she and her husband Cameron created the most delicious cheese bread they had ever tasted. They took the new recipe to a local food show and sold out in a matter of hours. The crowd loved them and the Brazi Bites company was born.

Brazi Bites – Brazilian Cheese Bread Shark Tank 2

Today Brazi Bites can be found in the freezer section of hundreds of retail stores such as Wegmans, Bristol Farms and Whole Foods. Just pop them in your oven for 20 minutes and enjoy!

Brazi Bites are made with all-natural non GMO ingredients and contain no gluten, soy, preservatives, trans fat, or sugar. Ingredients include cheddar and parmesan cheese, safflower oil, milk, eggs, salt, yucca root, and tapioca flour. Brazi Bites are available in 5 flavors – Cheddar Parmesan, Garlic Asiago, 3-Cheese Pizza, Classic Ranch, and Cinnamon Churro. Brazilian Cheese Bread became a cult-favorite and led the brand to expand with an Empanada line and now their NEW Homestyle Breakfast Sandwiches, to create the ultimate better-for-you Latin-inspired food company.

Shark Tank Air Date: 11/20/15 – Season 7 – Episode 9





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