Chapul – Cricket Flour Energy Bar

Protein bars are a popular snack for the health conscious crowd. They’re easy to grab on the go and they taste great too. The only problems is that many brands are loaded will fillers and questionable ingredients. When you’re trying to eat healthy, the last thing you want is to be consuming manufactured chemicals.

There are natural alternatives out there, but most use soy or whey as the protein source. This is problematic for people with milk or soy allergies, not to mention the added strain these products place on the agricultural industry, which already accounts for more than 92% of the world’s fresh water usage.

There is an answer to this problem. What if there was a protein source that was free from practically all allergens and its impact on the environment was minimal. A protein source like this does exist. That protein source is crickets. Yes crickets. The six-legged insect that gets stuck in your house and chirp all night.

Crickets specially for human consumption are raised on a diet of certified organic grain, then dried and ground into a fine flour. This dark brown flour has a light nutty taste and is loaded with protein and micronutrients. When used to create protein bars and baked goods, it’s indistinguishable from traditional flour, but is significantly better for you. One serving has 15% more protein than spinach, twice as much protein as beef, as much vitamin B12 as salmon.

Chapul has created amazing protein bars that are 100% natural and use cricket flour as their protein source. They’re incredibly good for you and they taste great too. They come in three flavors, Chaco, Thai and Aztec.

The Chaco Bar is a combination of dates, chocolate and peanuts with Omega-3s from flax seed. Thai Bars use coconut, ginger and lime to give that classic Thai flavor. The Aztec Bars are a blend of dates, cocoa and coffee, with a pinch of cayenne. Of course, all of Chapul’s bars contain the oh-so-good for you cricket flour.

The Chaco Bars and are soy free, dairy free, non-GMO and 100% all natural. The Thai Bars and Aztec Bars are gluten free as well.




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