Chill Soda

Dan Mackey created a healthy alternative to traditional sodas. The teachers in his family were appalled when California got rid of sodas in the schools, but replaced them with beverages that were not any healthier. They were juices and sports drinks with as many, maybe more, calories than the sodas. Dan’s Chill Soda was uniquely low glycemic. It had no high-fructose corn syrup and no simple sugars. It was sweetened with agave nectar, as nutritious as honey and sweeter than sugar. Chill Soda contained vitamins and antioxidants, no chemicals, nothing artificial. It had only 85 calories per can, yet tasted like regular soda and came four tempting flavors: kola, pome, guava and limon. Dan already had a large distributor on board; now he needed an investment and expertise.

Chill Soda Shark Tank

Dan made a minor mistake when he told the sharks he sold 250 cans of soda with total sales of $175. The sharks were very unhappy with those numbers. Oops! He meant 250,000 cans and $175,000.

He made a major mistake when he told them he knew nothing about the beverage industry. He was a marketing guy. Great at selling things, not an entrepreneur at heart. Which is why he needed a shark.

The sharks dropped out. Except for Barbara. She invested $50,000 because Dan was honest and he struck her as someone who would do whatever it takes to succeed. Barbara lost her investment. Dan simply couldn’t get Chill Soda off the ground. It is not for sale anywhere, not even on its website that is still up. Click on “Buy Chill” and it goes to “Online shop coming soon.” Dan founded a new venture, an online investment platform, in 2019. The website says “launching very soon.”

Shark Tank Air Date: 10/13/2009 – Season 1 – Episode 9




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