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For those with a sweet tooth, the Crispy Cones dessert shop may be the perfect destination for you. This Czech-inspired dessert shop has brought a new twist on a classic concept to the United States. Owners Jeremy Carlson and Kaitlyn Carlson have made it their mission to bring the famous Crispy Cones to the US, and they have done so with great success. The Crispy Cones dessert shop is located in Rexburg, Idaho, and Logan, Utah.

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The Crispy Cone is a fresh dough cone that is grilled rotisserie-style and covered with cinnamon and sugar or crushed Oreos. The cone is then filled with your choice of spread, gourmet soft-serve ice cream, fruit, and a variety of delicious toppings. Customers can create their own unique treat with several flavors of ice cream to choose from and multiple dustings for the cone. With this customizable experience, you can create a sweet treat that’s perfect for your tastes.

The idea for Crispy Cones came to Jeremy Carlson when he had a craving for a treat he had never seen in the US before: an ice cream cone made from a pastry dough. Jeremy Carlson began this revolution in desserts from scratch while navigating the difficulties of beginning a new company. With a commitment to high-quality, natural ingredients and an open kitchen concept, Crispy Cones has quickly become a favorite dessert shop for many.

One of the things that makes Crispy Cones unique is their use of pastry dough cones. This type of cone is not commonly found in the US, making it a unique and delicious treat for customers. In addition to their unique cones, Crispy Cones also offers consistent classic flavors and new flavor releases weekly. This ensures that there is always something new and exciting to try at the dessert shop.

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At Crispy Cones, customers can choose from a variety of spreads, including Nutella, cookie butter, and peanut butter. Toppings include Oreos, pretzels, almonds, walnuts, Kit Kat, cookie dough, graham crackers, Heath bar, Almond Joy, Biscoff cookies, and strawberries. Customers can also choose from a variety of sauces, including Nutella, cookie butter, raspberry, and caramel.

Crispy Cones also offers a selection of soft-serve ice cream flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and swirl. They also have specialty soft-serve flavors like French toast. This variety of ice cream flavors ensures that there is something for everyone at Crispy Cones.

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Crispy Cones is a sweet treat that has gained popularity in European countries like the Czech Republic. Thanks to the passion and dedication of Jeremy Carlson and Kaitlyn Carlson, this sweet European treat is now available in the US. The use of pastry dough cones, high-quality, natural ingredients, and a customizable experience make Crispy Cones a must-visit dessert shop. With consistent classic flavors, new flavor releases weekly, and a variety of toppings and sauces, there is always something new and exciting to try at Crispy Cones.

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