Custard Stand Hot Dog Chili

Bring the bold flavor and warm home-style comfort of chili to your next cookout or event with Custard Stand chili. With its distinctive blend of spices and pure ground beef, Custard Stand chili offers unbelievable taste while keeping your body free of harmful additives and chemicals.

Started as a simple take-out hot dog place in West Virginia in 1991, The Custard Stand is owned and operated by Dee and Angie Cowger. What started as a take-out spot has since sprouted into a thriving national business whose wholesale products can be found at super-chains including Walmart and Kroger. Find it in a simple ground beef version for hot dogs or take it with beans and tomatoes for a warming bowl anytime.

Custard Stand chili continues to bring the hometown goodness that loyal fans expect from a one-of-a-kind chili to their customers across the country. Pick up a tub at your local grocery store or visit the original home of this restaurant for a delicious, comforting pick-me-up.

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