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It’s time to ditch the guilt, America, and embrace the deliciousness of DOUGHnuts. Made from scratch with a combination of healthy flours, natural flavors and preservatives, The Dough Bar’s yeast-based doughnuts are “a healthy alternative to the average donut.” The Dough Bar believes everyone should be able to eat the treats they yearn for, just in moderation, and their homemade goodies can be sent direct-to-home, work or wherever your doughnut-dipping escapades take place. And while The Dough Bar is not at all opposed to those mainstream donut giants like Dunkin’ and Krispy Kreme, they feel there’s enough confectionery love to spread around to all the yummy doughnuts in the world—especially since theirs is health conscious, mouth watering, and fun!

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Inspired by the fitness community and healthy eating movement, The Dough Bar is a family-owned startup that began in 2015 in Silicon Valley, California. Founded by husband-and-wife team, Marquez Fernandez and Ondrea Siniari, former nurses who are health conscious doughnut lovers with loads of ambition, The Dough Bar aimed to create a healthy, scrumptious alternative to the protein bar mainstay—all too often dry and lacking flavor—so fitness-conscious folks can still incorporate discipline into their diet while bending the rules a bit on sweet treats.

Loaded with 11 grams of protein and baked, not fried—these doughnuts slash unwanted fats and oils from your diet and focus on the importance of counting macronutrients or “macros” (the fats, protein, and carbs that comprise the caloric content of foods) as a way of promoting overall healthy eating. “We aren’t just another startup. We see ourselves as a ‘Mom and Pop’ business that truly cares about the lives and well-being of those we serve,” says Siniari.

With Health, Wellness, Service, and Celebration as the core principles of The Dough Bar, Siniari and Fernandez see the act of spreading joy as a cornerstone of their tasty enterprise. “We aim to inspire wellness in our customers’ lives by highlighting the advantages of living an active lifestyle.” A team of sponsored athletes from endurance, CrossFit, and strength-building backgrounds also help spread The Dough Bar’s wholesome vision and help to execute on their entrepreneurial promise. This on top of the fact that these innovative doughnut makers aim to do much more than just satisfy those nagging cravings—they give back to the community by earmarking a percentage of every sale for nonprofit organizations.

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Laboratory tested and fully transparent about nutritional content, The Dough Bar doughnut selection is mouth watering, to say the least: milk chocolate, apple pie, cake batter, cookie monster, and s’mores are just some of the flavors available for assembling your customized 4 or 8 pack (with all donut holes included! @KeepYourHole). With a shelf life of 9 days from the ship date, doughnuts arrive in their simplest form in a tastefully decorated box with handy instructions and nutritional data on all the contents. All the customer toppings and glazes are packaged separately so you can DIY and decide how much you want to decorate those adorable morsels. For the traditional doughnut lover, there’s a plain option so you can still #treatyoself without all the bells and whistles.

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The Dough Bar’s newest product, the Protein-Packed Crispy Bar, is an inventive take on the revered Rice Krispies Treat. With 15g of protein, 9g of fiber, and 3g of sugar, this gluten-free, non-GMO, no-dairy/no-soy snack is sure to tempt even the most discriminating foodies. So go ahead, America, eat your heart out … just don’t forget to pay homage to the fun-loving mottos of The Dough Bar’s founders by sporting a t-shirt from their online collection: “United We Glaze,” Eat More Hole Foods,” and “Doughnut Worry, Be Happy.”

UPDATE: The Dough Bar Donuts website is no longer available. It appears they are no longer in business.

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