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Emily Castro and Mellissa Harrington first collaborated during their college years at Texas A&M, where they were both on the soccer team. More than likely neither of them would have imagined how their experience working toward the same goal (literally) on their college soccer team would come in handy 15 years later!

Emily earned a BA in Sociology at Texas A&M and then spent 14 years in the wine and spirits industry, working for one of the top distributors in the country. Melissa earned a BS in Nutrition Studies and worked in the seafood industry as Vice President of Sales for Lonestar Lobster LLC.

Emily Castro, Mellisa Harrington

Despite working in the industry, however, Melissa found it difficult to incorporate a sufficient amount of healthy, fresh seafood into her family’s meals. After the birth of her second child, she asked her husband, Chris, to prepare portions of seafood, vacuum pack and freeze them so she would have servings of fish available to prepare several meals a week.

Emily faced a somewhat different problem. Her outside sales work in the wine business often made it difficult to schedule meals, and she also found it hard to include fresh seafood in her meal planning.

The two friends had kept in touch since their college days and shared an entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years they had talked about business ideas that might allow them to have more flexibility and spend more time with their families.

During one shared vacation, Melissa and Emily were relaxing in the coastal Mexican sun and realized they both had the same problem accessing and serving fresh seafood to their families. The metaphoric lightbulb flashed on! Perhaps other mothers had the same problem. From this conversation, they created Fish Fixe.

Customers of their online business can choose a variety of boxes and types of seafood, or can have Fish Fixe choose for them. The boxes can be purchased once, or a “subscription” of monthly, every two months, or every three months is also available. The seafood is provided in 6 oz. vacuum-packed portions.

Mellissa and Emily are aware that many people are not sufficiently familiar with cooking seafood and would appreciate some assistance as they become more skilled in doing so. All of the boxes include thawing, preparation and cooking instructions, with a link to the Fish Fixe Kitchen, and recipe ideas.

Fish Fixe Shark Tank 2

Fish Fixe is committed to providing fresh, responsibly harvested seafood and the seafood available can vary depending on the seasons. No chemicals or antibiotics are used. Mellissa and Emily have one simple motto: If the seafood isn’t good enough to serve their own families, then it isn’t good enough to sell.

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