Update: The Gobie website is no longer available and the company is out of business. There may be some remaining stock on Amazon. 

Water is the most vital resource on the planet and always having fresh, clean drinking water is essential. The Gobie water bottle with built-in filter is designed to be tough, ergonomic, and to eliminate harmful and bad tasting elements from tap water.

The Gobie water bottle was created by Rusty Allen, an industrial designer dedicated to reducing waste. Each bottle can hold 22 ounces and is made of BPA Free Tritan material. The Gobie bottle features an ergonomic grip and mouthpiece to make it easy to grab and drink from on the go. It was designed to fit in a standard cup holder and has a non-slip base to prevent spills.

Inside the bottle is a carbon-based filter that will remove chlorine, minerals and odors from tap water, leaving only crisp, refreshing and clean H2O. A single filter will purify up to 100 gallons of water over its three-month life span and can be easily replaced. The filter itself is composed of charred coconut shells, making it fully compostable.


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