The Good Promise – Health Drinks, Smoothies & Sauces

For fitness junkies and everyday people alike, there’s possibly no greater obstacle to a healthy lifestyle than finding nutritious snacks. After a long day at the office or a challenging workout at the gym, it’s easy to simply pull in to the nearest drive-thru to satisfy your hunger. Health drinks can be expensive, and a quick look at the ingredients will show you that most of these “healthy” smoothies and juices are just a mixture of sugar and fruit purees.

While on a road trip, Karen Posada and Martha Hernandez grew tired of snacking on the same old foods. They wanted a healthy, convenient option that they could stash in their bags and take with them wherever they went. When they couldn’t find one, they decided to make it themselves. The result is The Good Promise, a line of truly healthy, easy-to-use squeeze packs filled with nutritious fruit and veggie goodness.

The Good Promise drinks are ideal for the active lifestyle. Whether you’re a runner looking for a truly portable snack for your long runs, a yogi looking for something nutritious after your practice, or just a worker seeking a better quality snack on those long days, these smoothies are for you. Their unique combinations of flavors offer a delicious burst of flavor, while the low-calorie design fits your health goals.

From Veggie Burst to Protein Fuel, there’s a Good Promise option for everyone. Plus, at a price point that’s less than a bag of chips at the gas station, you can get a quality snack that fuels your brain and your body, leaving you feeling great.

The Good Promise smoothies are available at your local Walmart (check the produce section). You can also purchase packs online, and sign up for the online newsletter to receive a special discount. Don’t let hunger strike you unprepared. Let The Good Promise be your nutritious backup plan.

UPDATE: The Good Promise is out of business

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