Heather’s Choice Dehydrated Meals

Heather Kelly, a formidable athlete and a two-time NCAA National Champion in women’s rowing, recognized early on the critical role nutrition plays in performance. Her academic pursuits in Evolutionary Nutrition and her certification in eating psychology coaching laid the groundwork for her venture into the outdoor food industry. Driven by her personal experiences with inadequate backcountry meal options, Heather began experimenting with a food dehydrator, paving her path from athlete to entrepreneur​.

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Unlike the ubiquitous freeze-dried offerings, Heather’s Choice breaks the mold with its unique dehydrated meals. This crucial difference lies in the preparation; Heather’s meals are cooked to perfection before undergoing dehydration, ensuring that when rehydrated, they retain the taste and nutritional quality akin to a freshly cooked meal. This method not only elevates the flavor but also maintains the integrity of the meal’s nutritional profile​​.

The foundation of Heather’s Choice is a compelling philosophy: life is an adventure that deserves to be fueled with the best nutrition. Specializing in dehydrated meals and snacks, the brand targets outdoor enthusiasts, focusing on health, quality, and taste. This philosophy is not just a tagline; it’s a commitment to enhancing the outdoor experience through superior nutrition​​.

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Heather’s Choice stands out for its dedication to sustainable sourcing. By partnering with suppliers like Honest Bison, Heather ensures that her meals include premium ingredients such as grass-fed bison and wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. This commitment extends beyond nutrition, embodying ethical and environmentally responsible practices that resonate with the values of conscious consumers​​.

Heather’s Choice is distinguished by its eclectic mix of dehydrated meals and snacks, crafted for convenience and nutritional excellence. The product range caters to various dietary preferences, including gluten-free and dairy-free options. The lineup includes:

  • Smoked Sockeye Salmon Chowder: A rich and hearty option featuring wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon.
  • Grass-Fed Bison Chili: A robust and flavorful meal boasting grass-fed bison, perfect for replenishing energy after a long day of adventure.
  • Packaroons®: These nutrient-packed macaroons are a sweet and satisfying snack for energy boosts on the go.
  • Dried Snacks: A selection of dried snacks that provide quick, healthy options for trail munching.

Each product is thoughtfully formulated to ensure balanced nutrition, delivering the necessary calories, fats, and proteins needed for strenuous outdoor activities​​.

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The journey to establishing Heather’s Choice was marked by challenges and triumphs. Producing a product of this caliber demanded not only culinary innovation but also business acumen, resilience, and a deep understanding of the market. Heather’s unwavering dedication to quality and her values of health and sustainability have earned her a loyal following in the backcountry community​​. Heather’s education in the psychology of eating plays a significant role in her approach, acknowledging the emotional and psychological aspects of eating, especially in the demanding settings of outdoor adventures​​.


Shark Tank Air Date: 1/12/2024 – Season 15 – Episode 10




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