How Do You Roll? Sushi Restaurant

Yuen and Peter Yung, from Austin, Texas, grew up working in their parents’ restaurant. Yuen went on to earn a degree in finance from the University of Texas, and Peter became an executive chef. While Yuen was working in the corporate world, he realized that it was not possible to get quality sushi in that brief hour for lunch. With Yuen handling the business end and Peter the culinary, they found a middle ground between a dine-in restaurant and the mediocre supermarket rolls—a “fast-food” sushi restaurant with each roll custom designed. Customers choose the rolls and the fillings, and they have a quick, delicious lunch. Within three years, the Yungs had three corporate locations, 15 franchises with 25 more preparing to open, and more than $1,000,000 in annual revenue.

How Do You Roll Sushi Restaurant Shark Tank 2

The sharks loved the sushi rolls, and Kevin made his usual complicated offer, which the Yungs accepted. A few months later, negotiations fell through. Kevin was out and they were on their own again.

How Do You Roll was acquired by a private restaurant group in June, 2015.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/15/2013 – Season 4 – Episode 16




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