Jones Scones

Jones Scones was a line of all-natural traditional British cream scones created by J Jones of Denver, Colorado. J returned to the US to attend law school at George Washington University. He had been living in the UK and was distressed when he was unable to find proper British scones here. He learned to make them himself, because he loved those scones; and it didn’t hurt that the ladies were very impressed with his baking skills.

He won a spot on Shark Tank and vowed nothing would get in the way of his big chance. That included colon cancer. He was on the phone with a Shark Tank producer going over his pitch while still in a hospital bed a few days after his surgery. The Sharks loved him but did not invest.

Jones Scones Shark Tank Founder

At one point, because the scones are all-natural, they were in Whole Foods, where a half a million scones were sold in a year. Then a manufacturer messed up and the business started sinking. J got through that, and the stores were willing to give him and his scones a second chance. But then things get murky. There is no website, and a Facebook page has not been updated since 2018. J went back to practicing law. At first, he intended to do “scones by day, law by night,” but we don’t know what he’s doing right now.

Jones Scones is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 5/17/2013 – Season 4 – Episode 25




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