Who is Lord Nut Levington?  Legend has it that the Lord Nut Levington comes from Blighty, a land far away across the great pond known for its extreme blandness. When he could stand it no longer, Lord Nut exiled himself and set out across the world in search of flavor. Lord Nut found his true calling in life: to fight bland and bring freedom of flavor to the masses. As a result of his tireless efforts we now have six bold new flavors of nuts to save us from bland snacking. Lord Nut brings us Rebel Mary (Spicy Bloody Mary), Wingman (Hot Buffalo), Mamma Mia (Tomato, Garlic And Cheese), Sweet Miss Keet (Mesquite Smoke And Pineapple BBQ), El Cheddarales (Cheddar Cheese And Jalapeno), and Thai Dyed (Thai Curry And Lemongrass). Best of all when you purchase these exciting flavors Lord Nut donates some of that money to local charities.


Shark Tank products lord nut levington

Lord Nut went into the Shark Tank asking for $500k for 30% equity. The sharks were interested in the brand and enjoyed the flavors, but the competitive market made them weary. Lord Nut did not get a deal from sharks. Visit the nutty website to learn more

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