Pie Wine Made for Pizza

Founded in 2022 by Josh Green and Kevin Klein, two friends united by more than 30 years of friendship and a shared love for pizza, Pie Wine has positioned itself as “The OG Pizza Wine.” The Los Angeles-based enterprise takes an innovative approach by dedicating itself solely to crafting wines specifically designed to pair with pizza.

The story behind Pie Wine is one of international culinary exploration. Fueled by their love of pizza, Green and Klein set out on a quest across the globe in search of the ultimate beverage that would best complement their favorite food. Klein, who is no stranger to the public eye, co-hosts a radio show, Klein Alley Show, which airs weekday mornings from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. on 106.7 KROQ in the Los Angeles-Orange County area. He has also been credited with creating other imaginative products like TOEsters, which are coasters designed for your feet, showcasing a flair for the quirky and inventive.

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While the primary goal of Pie Wine is to serve as the consummate companion to pizza, what makes this wine unique is not just its dedicated purpose but also its formulation. Unlike conventional wines, Pie Wine comes carbonated, adding a slight sparkle to the drinking experience. The wines are concocted using premium-quality California grapes, ensuring that the essence and character of the region’s vineyards infuse every bottle.

The diversity of pizza—often described as a blank canvas for endless flavor combinations—demands an equally versatile wine selection. Addressing this, Pie Wine offers a curated line designed to complement a broad spectrum of pizza flavors. Their collection consists of three distinct blends: Red Wine, Sweet Wine, and White Wine.

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The Special PieWine Red Wine is characterized as a sweet yet savoy wine with a bold undertone. It is imagined to bring out the best in classic, meat-topped pizzas as well as pizzas that feature robust tomato sauces. In contrast, the PieWine Rosé Wine is crafted to be a crisp, fruit-forward wine, full of fruity notes. This choice aims to pair well with lighter, perhaps vegetable-laden pizzas, and those featuring creamy sauces. Finally, the PieWine White Wine is described as a dry, robust wine. Its nature lends itself to accompanying seafood pizzas or pizzas that incorporate complex blends of cheese and herbs.

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The originality of Pie Wine lies in its wholehearted commitment to elevating the humble slice of pizza by providing a wine designed explicitly for it. It is the marriage of two simple yet universally adored culinary delights—pizza and wine—into a singular dining experience. With its California roots and its variety designed to harmonize with multiple pizza flavor profiles, Pie Wine is setting the stage for pizza aficionados to engage in gastronomic adventures that combine the best of both worlds.


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