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Ryan Cunningham and his wife Lindsey decided to start a food truck business. Ryan, Executive Chef, had worked as a personal chef (known as Chef Ko) for 10 years after attending his mother’s plant-based culinary school and later training at a West Coast restaurant. Lindsey, CEO, had experience as an entrepreneur with her own business and in marketing and public relations for a fast casual restaurant. They had no idea that they were resurrecting a family business. In the 1980s, before Ryan was born, his parents owned and operated Rollingreens, the first organic food truck in Boulder, CO. The new food truck owners kept the name.

For five years, their business thrived. The menu was primarily Asian-Mexican fusion with a local influence. The ingredients were sourced right there in Colorado from sustainable crops and were gluten free, allergen friendly, plant based and vegan. Then the day came when they realized that they had not had a vacation in all those five years. Time to lighten their workload and scale the business. They retired the food truck and launched their packaged foods business.

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Their first product was one of Ryan’s most successful creations on the food truck, Millet Tots. Think Tater Tots without the taters.

Rollingreens Millet Tots are among the most nutritious treats you can find. Millet is a superfood with exceptional nutrient density. It is packed with vitamins and minerals: Vitamin B, Vitamin B9, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, protein, fiber, magnesium and phosphorous. Conveniently for Ryan and Lindsey, Colorado is the perfect climate to grow millet, and it provides more than half the millet used in the US.

Millet Tots are the only whole grain, non-potato tot available in the market, and they fit a range of dietary restrictions, including vegan, gluten-free and allergen friendly for the top eight allergies (milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy and wheat). They also have a low-glycemic index. Rollingreens offers three flavors of Millet Tots: Onion & Sea Salt, Basil & Garlic, and Sweet Potato & Poblano Chili.

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The Crispy Cauliflower Wings also come in three flavors: Teriyaki, Spicy and Sweet Mustard.
Cauliflower florets are lightly coated in rice flour, arrowroot, garlic, sea salt, and non-GMO sunflower oil. These are also vegan and gluten-free.

Whole Foods Market was the first to pick up the brand, then Natural Grocers and Sprouts. Lindsey was initially marketing to natural food stores, independents and co-ops. She then discovered that conventional supermarkets were interested in carrying the brand. Now it is about 50/50—at both natural and conventional stores across the country.

Celebrity chef David Burke, a multi-James Beard Foundation award winner, has sung the praises of Millet Tots as well as use them in his dishes. He enjoys using them as flavorful croutons as well as a finger food.

BravoTV included the Tots in their “Grab These 5 Weird Food Products Now.”

Lindsey and Ryan were featured on “Nightly News with Brian Williams” as they cooked and distributed meals for people in need in the aftermath of the Colorado 2013 Flood when Boulder was designated a Federal Disaster Area.

Other outreach efforts include donating Millet Tots to be served at the Puttin’ on the Leash Pet Gala, the annual fundraiser dinner that benefits the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and is supported by the Boulder area’s finest restaurants. Ryan has auctioned off his personal chef services to raise money for Share Our Strength, a non-profit dedicated to ending childhood hunger.

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