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Tea drinking is for laid-back types, like yogis and English grandmothers, right? Jenni-Lyn Williams disagrees. Tea is for bold women, too, she believes, for movers and shakers, and for people who occasionally foul things up. Jenni-Lyn has always loved tea but just couldn’t connect to the pretentious, lifeless brands with names like “Gentle Sunshine” or “Dancing Water Lily”. This frilly presentation didn’t appeal to her and made it confusing to shop for teas for a specific purpose, like helping her fall asleep or manage stress.

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She imagined a brand of tea that would just get to the point, without using the same boring tactics she’d encountered in her work as a marketing and business strategy specialist. So she created Snarky Tea, each blend designed for a particular need. There’s Wake the F**k Up to get you going in the morning. Then Calm the F**k Down will help you unwind. And for the day after an epic party, there’s nothing like a cup of Get Your Sh*t Together.

Although Williams describes herself as insane and born without the ability to become embarrassed, she doesn’t take the creation of her products lightly and Snarky Tea is about much more than just clever marketing. The teas are acquired from an FDA-registered importer with an office in Nanjing before being brought to the U.S. for blending and packaging. The import company is actively involved in promoting better working conditions and sounder environmental practices in the tea industry.

In addition to classic green and black teas, Snarky Tea uses more exotic brews like green rooibos and yerba mate. Added to the teas are ingredients such as licorice root, rose petals, lemongrass and coconut shred. For full flavor, the tea is kept in whole leaf form and enclosed in tea sachets. Snarky Teas are good for the body, too. They have natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and some even provide vitamins. The main attraction, of course, is the taste. Snarky Teas are guaranteed to please. If they don’t hit the spot, they can be returned up to 15 days after purchase.

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In spite of the attention that Williams has paid to tea, it’s not her main concern. To her, Snarky Tea is all about sisterhood. Her daughter Eloise and her grandmother Nan, along with other family members, inspired her to create a product for women. That’s why she created the Snarky Tea tagline, “Tea and Sisterhood Forever.” And that’s why each tea comes in a tin with a love letter to the buyer on the back.

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