SweetKiwi Frozen Whipped Greek Yogurt

Sweetkiwi is a frozen dessert that offers a tasty way to satisfy your sweet tooth while supporting gut health. It is a premium brand of frozen whipped Greek yogurt that is packed with functional nutrients like protein, probiotics, fiber, and immune-boosting superfoods. The natural ingredients are sourced from family farms within the community, making it a sustainable choice.

Michael Akindele, Ehime Eigbe

Sweetkiwi is the creation of Ehime Eigbe, a former bankruptcy litigation specialist at Citigroup. After a health scare, Eigbe decided to change her diet and started making her own foods. As an ice cream lover, she found it hard to give up the sweet treat, so she started experimenting with recipes until she found the perfect blend of flavors for Sweetkiwi.

What makes Sweetkiwi different from other frozen desserts is its functional nutrients. It is high in protein, probiotics, fiber, and a proprietary blend of immune-boosting superfoods, all of which are essential for a healthy gut. The immune system is primarily in the gut and is influenced by the gut microbiome, which is why Sweetkiwi is formulated with a holistic approach backed by clinical research and carefully selected ingredients that function better together to support gut health, wellness, and nutrient absorption.

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A pint of Sweetkiwi whipped Greek yogurt contains about 22 to 25 grams of protein, probiotics to help increase protein absorption, and prebiotic fiber to support the growth of probiotics. Unlike leading ice cream brands, Sweetkiwi contains no sugar alcohols and has 50% to 75% less sugar and 50% to 75% more protein and fiber. It strikes the delicate balance between sweet and tart, making it a perfect treat for those who want to indulge in a sweet dessert without feeling guilty.

As an award-winning, woman and minority-owned and operated CPG food brand, Sweetkiwi bridges the gap between good-for-you, functional nutrition, and great taste by making the best tasting, low-calorie yet nutrient-dense treats. Eigbe supports local farmers and donates 1% of profits and time to supporting organizations creating easier access to funding for Black Female entrepreneurs. She also partners with Black Girl Ventures, donating her time and 1% of Sweetkiwi’s profits to support the non-profit’s programs and the entrepreneurs within their ecosystem.

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Sweetkiwi is based in Washington, D.C. and has gained a lot of attention since its launch. Eigbe did a lot of direct marketing and social media marketing, which helped to spread the word about her brand. Sweetkiwi won over $200,000 in grants from the Black Lives Matter movement, which is a testament to the quality and impact of the product.

Sweetkiwi flavors are available to order in a case of 4 pints or a case of 6 pints. Customers can order online or buy them at thousands of supermarkets nationwide, including Kroger, Whole Foods, and Walmart. The flavors include Chocolate Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream, Hibiscus & Ginger, Mango Palm Mint, Raspberry Frosé, and Vanilla Bean. Customers can also try several flavors with the combo packs, such as Sweet Party Mix, Sweet Summer, Tales by Moonlight, and The Classic Collection.

Sweetkiwi is a delicious frozen yogurt that not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also supports a healthy gut. With its functional nutrients, premium ingredients, and low-calorie yet nutrient-dense profile, Sweetkiwi is a great alternative to traditional ice cream. Plus, it’s made by a woman and minority-owned business that supports local farmers and Black Female entrepreneurs. What’s not to love?


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