Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza – Coal Fired Pizza

Coal fired pizza has an unbeatable crispy crust due to the high cooking temperatures achieved with coal. Coal was the traditional cooking fuel for pizza used by early Italian American immigrants as it was an affordable and efficient source of heat. When electricity and gas became widely available to the public, a new trend of mass-produced and inexpensive pizzas with soft and doughy crusts cooked at lower temperatures emerged. But coal fired pizza is making a big comeback as the nation rediscovers this overlooked tradition. The fast cooking time of coal fully cooks the crust without drying out the toppings, which tends to happen with the longer cooking times of electric or gas ovens.

Table 87 Coal Oven Pizza is a Brooklyn based restaurant that has expanded to sell their gourmet coal cooked pizzas at supermarkets and stores across the New York area including Whole Foods and 7 Eleven. If you’re not in the NY area you’re not out of luck, you can order a frozen pizza online and have it delivered anywhere in the country. Just reheat it in your oven and enjoy pizza the way it was meant to taste.

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