TEASPRESSA – Concentrated Tea Served Like Coffee

Allison DeVane, the founder of TEASPRESSA, actually started as a coffee lover however couldn’t enjoy coffee frequently due to the headaches that would occur. Being in the coffee and tea industry for 9 years, she found that tea was a healthy alternative and that some blends had just as much caffeine as coffee without the headache aftermath because tea is hydrating. Additionally, with concentrated tea, a thicker consistency could be achieved allowing for the tea to be made into one of her favorite coffee preparations, lattes, to be made even with latte art. Combined with Allison’s lifelong dream of being able to start a business inspired by her travels and community, this is how Teaspressa came to be.

Enjoy quality, made-to-order specialTEA drinks currently available in several locations in Phoenix or at the comfort of your home through our blends available online.


Shark Tank Air Date: 2/26/2016 – Season 7 – Episode 20