The Painted Pretzel

These wildly popular gourmet pretzels are available in unlimited flavor combinations! Painted Pretzels are coated in many types of chocolate including white, dark, milk, butterscotch, peanut butter and mint. As if that wasn’t delicious enough, they are then topped with treats like candy bars, nuts and even fruit. The sharks loved these delectable snacks and Mark Cuban took the exact deal the entrepreneur asked for – $100k for 25% equity. Check out the Painted Pretzel website to order.

Update: The Painted Pretzel is no longer in business.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/24/2012 – Season 3 – Episode 6



Sleep Pod by Hug Sleep

One of the most popular products in Shark Tank history! Hug Sleep partnered with Mark Cuban & Lori Greiner and sold out within minutes of appearing on the show. The Sleep Pod broke all-time sales records for orders in a single week! Once you have one you’ll understand why. Makes a great gift too!

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Sleep Pod uses the science of Deep Touch Pressure Therapy to help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.