Pristine Toilet Paper Spray

Jessica Karam Oley was dealing with her newborn daughter’s bum, sore, red and scaly from diaper rash and the harsh material and chemicals in wet wipes that were aggravating it. At the same time, her cousin, Brandon Karam, was dealing with his own irritated bum brought on by wet wipes. Brandon is what we call an AWW (Adult Wet Wiper), and their numbers are multiplying rapidly as we strive to improve our hygiene in an increasingly health-conscious society. They both were aware that the wipes advertised as flushable were not and so joined together to find a product to clean bums gently, without harsh chemicals and in a way that does not wreak havoc on the plumbing and, more important, the environment.

Since they are both lawyers, Jessica and Brandon consulted with a chemist with respect to the ingredients. After many trials and errors, they formulated Pristine Cleansing Spray that works with toilet paper (that is flushable), is environmentally friendly and contains natural, high-quality ingredients. Skin-nourishing aloe, pure apricot oil, vegetable glycerin and fatty acids from coconut and palm oils lubricate the toilet paper so that it glides smoothly across the skin; witch hazel (without alcohol) cleanses, soothes and refreshes. Ylang ylang oil provides the fresh and lasting scent. In addition, Pristine is manufactured in the USA, meets the AFDA GRAS (generally recognized as safe) standards, adheres to Whole Foods Body Care standards and is not tested on animals. It’s also cost-effective: You get more than 200 sprays (equal to 50 wet wipes) per ounce, and, as we all know, the wet wipes dry out far too quickly and are wasted. Not a problem with Pristine.

Pristine Toilet Spray Shark Tank 2

Pristine is lightweight, portable and biodegradable, and campers, hikers, athletes and travelers are among the many that join Jessica and Brandon in their mission to “wipe responsibly.” Simply shake the bottle and spray a few squirts onto folded toilet paper, transforming the usually dry paper into a cleansing, soothing wipe. There is no need to rinse, and this wipe is actually flushable.

So, you’re thinking, “Wait a minute! I see my wet wipes flush away.” That may be, but they don’t disintegrate or biodegrade. The wipes can lead to clogged pipes and septic systems and raw sewage that backs up and spills into rivers, lakes and oceans. In the city sewer systems, the wipes meet up with their partners in crime, fats, oils and grease, and end up in water treatment facilities where they clog and damage the equipment.

The manufacturers protest that the wipes are being unfairly maligned, but, even as we speak, consumers are filing multiple class-action lawsuits against them for the damage done to plumbing by “flushable” wipes. Cities are filing multi-million-dollar lawsuits alleging false labeling. And the Federal Trade Commission is working to have “flushable” claims removed from the packaging.

Jessica and Brandon like to say, “We’ve got your back . . . side!” And they do. Our backsides are cleaner and safe from abrasive chemicals. They also have our backs long-term by taking care of our precious planet.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 1/13/19 – Season 10 – Episode 10


Pristine Toilet Spray Shark Tank 3

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