SmartPlate – Identifies, Weighs, Analyzes and Tracks Your Food

Some might say that we live in an era where it’s easier than ever before to get in shape. We have a slew of fitness-related gear available to us anywhere we go, an assortment of free classes online, as well as apps and wearable devices that help us keep track of our progress. Still, as the founders of Fitly realized, there is always a gap between our devices and us. Even today, with all of our smart devices, we’ve yet to find a way to seamlessly connect our daily habits to our devices with true accuracy.

This Fall, Fitly finally presents a solution to this problem with SmartPlate, the digital plate that recognizes and weighs food data automatically. Developed by entrepreneur Anthony Ortiz and his team of engineers and scientists, SmartPlate uses cameras like the one already present in your smartphone to take a photo of whatever food you set on your plate. From there, it uses a series of sensors to weigh the food, and then ships this information to the Fitly database.

In just seconds, your meal has been logged in the app without a fuss. No more pausing mid-prep to scan in the SKU’s of your meal’s ingredients. No more searching through a database and picking the food that seems closest to what you ate. No more trying to remember what you ate for breakfast when you finally log your foods at 8PM. SmartPlate does it all for you, with what Fitly declares as 99% accuracy.

SmartPlate is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and refrigerator safe. It includes a charging stand that you can set on your counter so it’s available to you every time you come into the kitchen. It even includes a snap-on lid for easy transport.

The plate costs about as much as your favorite fitness wearable, with the added promise of making your everyday life easier.

Shark Tank Air Date: 2/12/16 – Season 7 – Episode 17



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