ALL33 BackStrong Office Chair

That would be “ALL 33” vertebrae that need to be aligned to improve health and reduce back and neck pain. The BackStrong Chair by ALL33 is designed to cradle your lower back to relieve crucial pressure points throughout your spine and body. It is the only slouch-proof office chair that aligns your spine and induces perfect posture for all 33 of your vertebrae.

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The ALL33 Team

Dr. Dennis Colonello and Jim Grove are the team behind ALL33.

Dennis is a world-renowned chiropractor based in Beverly Hills, California. He is known as the “chiropractor to the stars” and is the team chiropractor for the Los Angeles Clippers. He has seen firsthand the debilitating health problems caused by prolonged sitting, but the problem was in how people sit, not how long.

Jim founded the firm Designworks USA, which provided design, engineering, modeling and analysis for major companies, including BMW. He also founded Heartland USA, a supplier of custom motorcycle accessories. His company, LA Product Design, produced office chairs that have amassed over $500 million in sales.

Their combined knowledge and experience resulted in the state-of-the-art Sit-in-Motion Technology (SIMTEC) used in the BackStrong Chair, the world’s most advance work chair. The bowl of the seat is designed to move with your butt and gently guide the spine into proper posture. Sit in any position you like. The seat prevents the hips from locking into place and makes it impossible to slouch. Lean forward, lean backward, the chair moves with you because Dennis and Jim put everything they know about the body’s joints and their movement into the design. You and your chair will be in perfect harmony.

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Benefits of the BackStrong Chair

The BackStrong Chair is the only chair in the world that allows the natural movement of the pelvis and back, improving flexibility and increasing oxygenation and respiration.

  • Stimulates circulation: Sitting in a hunched position constricts your body and prevents it from getting the blood flow it needs. Think about that terrible feeling when your legs “fall asleep.” No danger of that happening in the BackStrong.
  • Reduces fatigue: We blame the mid-afternoon crash on boredom, overeating at lunch or staying up late the night before. Any or all of those might be the case, but research has shown that the mid-afternoon slump is caused by your slumped body draining your energy. Your muscles need to exert more energy when they are not being used efficiently. When you are engaging the muscles in your core, which you will be doing in the BackStrong, you increase blood flow and get a natural boost in energy.
  • Reduces eye strain: The arms swivel 360 degrees and fold away so that you can belly right up to your computer.
  • Encourages perfect posture: If you hunch or slouch in your chair, the complex network of muscles, discs, and joints in your back are pushed beyond their limits, and that’s how you end up with mild to severe back pain. The SIMTEC cradles your lower back to align the spine and keeps all 33 of your vertebrae moving, which promotes perfect posture as well as reduces the risk of back or neck pain.

    Poor posture comes with more problems than are immediately evident. In addition to the “ordinary” aches and pains, poor posture contributes to or aggravates arthritis, jaw pain, headaches, hampered breathing, impaired digestion and sluggish metabolism. And it has everything to do with our appearance and self-confidence. Poor posture gives the impression of submission, sad and fearful. Good posture results in (and displays) higher self-esteem, a better mood, and an engaged attitude.

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In addition, all parts used in the manufacturer of the BackStrong are 100% recyclable.

Due to Dennis’s clientele, there is who’s who list of celebrities endorsing the chair, including Ted Danson, Danny Glover, George Hamilton, Justin Bieber, Dr. Travis Stork (of The Doctors TV show and The Bachelor), Elon Musk and Shaquille O’Neal.

Shark Tank Air Date: 1/8/21 – Season 12 – Episode 9





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