Brush Hero – Water Powered Detail Brush

What gearhead would turn down the chance to feel like a real reconditioning professional when tackling those dreaded dirt and grime-busting jobs on their favorite toys? Look no further … Brush Hero, “the ultimate detail brush,” is crushing the competition with its targeted cleaning power that cuts down on that taxing elbow grease and mimics the gentle, thorough touch of a skilled auto detailer, magically restoring luster to your cherished vehicle and other belongings that get maximum exposure to the elements and outdoor debris. Armed with unmatched spinning action that directs deliberately slow and steady spinning action to those hard-to-reach places, Brush Hero doesn’t require any batteries or electricity to operate. Powered by your standard garden hose that delivers pressurized water flow to deliver great torque or turning force, Brush Hero is designed for “expert auto detailing,” returning brilliance to all the components of a vehicle’s wheels (tires, rims, hubcaps and lug nuts). But that’s not all … Brush Hero wants to “fight the war on muck” lurking inside every nook and cranny of your bicycle gears, outdoor furniture, windowpanes, crud-covered grills, mildew-stricken boats, recreational vehicles, and bathroom tiles—not to mention those grungy work boots and beloved mud-covered pets!

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Boasting simultaneous scrubbing and rinsing power without scratching those precious glass and paint surfaces, Brush Hero is constructed using durable plastic components that won’t rust or break down when exposed to today’s cleaning chemicals and detailing agents. Featured and endorsed by a wide range of auto, bike, RV and other business industry outlets and enthusiasts, Brush Hero offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed as well as superior customer service. Assembled, packaged and distributed in the USA, Brush Hero is a Virginia-based business that launched in 2015 and prides itself on driving responsible business practices that will sustain a broader social impact. Invented by RGK Innovations, a specialty product marketing company co-founded by Kevin Williams (Global GM) and Glenn Archer (Board Chairman), Brush Hero claims to be the “best wheel brush ever” by reducing water use by up to 50% as compared with freely running your average garden hose, and consuming significantly less water than your typical industrial car wash. RGK prides itself on being an enterprise that’s focused on upholding corporate responsibility as well as promoting family-oriented values. Columbus Professional Services, a community organization that employs disabled individuals through meaningful work experiences, provides the people power to build out and ship all Brush Hero products, thereby delivering on RGK’s socially conscious mission.

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Whether you’re the ambitious weekend DIYer type or a hot rod-loving grease monkey, Brush Hero is loaded with the necessary components to sweep away the sludge and gunk. The trigger handle connects to an optional flow control switch that adjusts water pressure, which attaches to a turbine body and the all-important brush, two of which (the softer texture black brush and tougher bristle white brush) are included in every standard Brush Hero set ordered. The blue Grimefighter brush and black Navigator narrow tip brush, ideal for those neglected crevices, round out the brush assortment, while 18 and 36” extension wands, a SoapStar attachment, and their signature “Muck Buster Soap” (as well as all the adapter connections to suit the various configurations) are available for purchase online. With a quarter of a billion cars in the US alone, Brush Hero is poised to take the car care market by storm. Better take notice, filth— this superpower agent is a force to be reckoned with.

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