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Jeff Grohowski, a commercial real estate broker, and Mike Bolos, an attorney, live very healthy lives. They both exercise daily and eat nutritious, balanced meals. They were immediately interested when they heard about the health benefits of standing desks, scientifically proven to reduce obesity and decrease the risk of diabetes 2 and cardiovascular disease. They shopped around, but found that the desks on the market at that time were very costly. More of a problem, however, was that they would not fit into Jeff’s and Mike’s office environments. As they thought about how to fit a standing desk into an established office décor, they noticed the windows—all that unused space, the natural light that was being wasted and the beautiful view that was largely unseen.

Since both were long-time “tinkerers” and enjoyed challenges, the two friends were determined to create an ergonomic, portable standing desk that would use that space and get employees out of those drab cubby-holes and away from harsh fluorescent lights. They designed and redesigned, made prototype after prototype, and in less than two years, they had the DeskView, the world’s first window-mounted standing desk.

Deskview Window Stand Up Desk Shark Tank 2

The desk was designed to install on windows, but it attaches to any smooth non-porous surface, such as a glass wall, white board, tile and metal. Install it at any height comfortable to you in seconds with industrial-strength suction disks housed in aerospace-grade aluminum brackets (the same technology used to install windows in a high-rise building). The desk is portable, weighing only eight pounds, but it tested at a load capacity of 120 pounds, though 40 pounds is the maximum weight recommended. The 25” x 15” working surface is solid, large enough and sturdy enough for a laptop, notepad, phone and a smoothie or vitamin water without a wiggle or wobble. At this time, you can choose a wood, white or clear surface.

Wherever you use the DeskView, office, home or coworking space, you will be absorbing natural light, enjoying a view and benefiting by the desk’s ability to:

  • reduce eye strain
  • stretch hip flexors
  • reduce back strain
  • promote spinal disc health
  • increase core strength
  • optimize breathing
  • improve productivity
  • improve the quality of your work life

The DeskView has to be the ultimate solution for every digital nomad. No more scouring unfamiliar cities and trudging through foreign towns seeking out the sometimes elusive Internet cafes, coffee shops, public libraries and coworking spaces. Find a window and you are set to telecommute.

When you aren’t working, your DeskView doesn’t have to sit idle. It makes an elegant, modern plant stand, giving not only a decorative touch to the space but also giving your plants their place in the sun. Or it’s perfect as a shelf on which to display artifacts. How about as a side table—a place for guests at a cocktail party to set down a glass or pick up an hors d’oeuvre. Kitty may appropriate it occasionally for a perch. And I’m told they make great beer pong tables.

Jeff and Mike customize the desks for corporate clients, and they are currently working on different designs that can accommodate unusual or complex window and glass configurations as well as a larger selection of colors and finishes.

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Shark Tank Air Date: 5/5/19 – Season 10 – Episode 22


Deskview Window Stand Up Desk Shark Tank 3

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